Serving at The Chapel

The Chapel is brimming with service opportunities! Take a minute read more about the opportunities. Then fill out the form on the right, and we will assist you in finding a place to serve.


TK Classroom Team Leader:   Campus – 20   Oaks - 20
A weekly commitment during the 1st or 2nd worship service; leading a team of volunteers in ministering to children. Prep time outside of class.

TK Classroom Assistant:   Campus – 23   Oaks - 23
A weekly commitment during the 1st or 2nd worship service; assisting the Classroom Leader in ministering to children. Small prep time outside of class.

TK Youth Team:   Campus – 10   Oaks – 10   (10:40am – Ignite)
A weekly commitment during the 1st or 2nd worship service; assisting the Classroom Leader and Assistants in ministering to children.

TK Greeter:   Campus - 8   Oaks - 5
A monthly commitment during transition times before and after services; greeting, directing, and assisting parents, children, and visitors upon arrival. Knowledge and training of Computer Check in System.

TK SECURITY:   Oaks Only - 5
This position is a monthly commitment. Before the 1st hour worship service beginning at 8:45am, during transition (10:30 until 11:00) and the end of the 2nd worship service. Provide security to TK by checking all that come and go from the TK entry point.

TK S.U.P.E.R.: Campus – 1   Oaks - 1
A weekly commitment during the 1st or 2nd worship service; assisting the TK Coordinator in serving, uplifting, promoting, equipping, and responding to classroom volunteers, families, and children. This positions allows the Site Coordinator to attend worship.

TK Substitute Volunteers:   Campus – 15   Oaks - 15
Trained adults willing to "fill in" as needed when TK Team Members are away or cannot be in the classroom.


Ignite Sunday AM Leader (32)
They will lead a consistent small group of students on Sunday mornings in discussion about the topic for the day as well as what’s going on in the students’ lives. Commitment is Sunday morning during the 10:45 hour, and some student contact during the week via social media, etc.

Ignite Youth Group Leader (28)
They will help put on youth group, build relationships, and lead community groups as relationships deepen. Commitment is 2 hrs on Sunday afternoons and 2 hrs at some other time during the week for community group. Also, student contact with games, events, etc.


Kids Hope USA Mentors (50)
Spend an hour a week from September to May with an at risk child at Wildwood Elementary.  Training and materials provided.

Kids Hope USA Prayer Partners (50)
Pray for a mentor and child as their relationship develops through weekly meetings at Wildwood.

Wildwood Reading Friend (50)
Read with a child twice a month through the Volunteers in Public Schools program.  Training and materials provided.

Wildwood Faculty Support (20)
Spend some time each month helping in the office or library, or participate in Chapel craft dates to make encouraging gifts, or be part of a team supporting special events like Teacher Appreciation Lunch, Family Night, Contest Judging.

Wildwood Christmas Party (100)
Use your talents to decorate, bake, prepare games and host class parties.


Parenting Ministry (20)
Mentors to assist in meeting parenting needs with other families in the church.



If you are looking for an easy first step to contribute and serve college students, this is the opportunity for you! 

Be a part of the Hospitality Team – Provide home-baked desserts of any kind to serve studying college students at Common Ground Café.
Helpful gifts to have – Service, Hospitality, Helps
Time commitment required – Once a month; 1 semester


If you are looking for more interactive ways to contribute and serve alongside students, these opportunities are for you!

Be a part of the Serve Team – Come and build relationships with food-insecure and homeless adults at Breakfast Under the Bridge (BUB).  Help cook and serve a hot breakfast and be a listening ear at Expressway Park for people who need it. Saturday shoppers are needed, as well as strong people to haul and set-up our mobile kitchen on Sunday morning.
Helpful gifts to have – Service, Hospitality, Helps, Mercy
Time commitment required – 8 am - 10 am every 4th Sunday; 1 semester

Be a part of the Creative Team – Come serve and build relationships with student Team members, and help coordinate and execute the Refuge 7:37 service on Sunday nights. Help in a behind the scenes role to create a great worship environment for several hundred students who gather weekly. Training provided; previous experience NOT needed.
Helpful gifts to have – Service, Helps
Time commitment required – Sundays, 4 pm - 9 pm as available; 1 semester

Be a part of the Hospitality Team – Provide food for student Community Group outreaches throughout the semester. As student Community Groups organize outreach events to engage their dorms, apartment complexes, or neighborhoods, come alongside them and help with hosting the students they invite by grilling/cooking/baking for them. 
Helpful gifts to have – Service, Hospitality, Helps
Time commitment required – Once a semester


If you are looking for a next step to contribute and lead students, this is the opportunity for you!

Be an Emerging Coach – Lead breakouts and connect with our student Emerging Leaders as they take Gospel Life Class II. The class is designed to lay a foundation of competencies for second semester emerging leaders. If you are being led and looking to lead others, especially students, this is a great place to start.
Helpful gifts to have – Leadership, Teaching, Evangelism
Time commitment required – 6 pm-8:30 pm every Thursday; 1 semester

If you are interested in any of these opportunities to contribute, contact:   


Sound and Visuals Team (Campus, Oaks)
Be an integral part of the Sunday worship experience by serving in this essential, behind the scenes role. Training provided; previous experience NOT needed. Include your preferred location for serving. Commitment: one Sunday every 4-6 weeks, Sound Technicians would need to be available for mid-week practice as well. Contact: 

Parking Greeters  (Campus, Oaks)
Greet people as they drive in and assist them in finding a place to park; help with children or offer umbrellas on a rainy day. Willing to serve outside in any weather. Need to genuinely care for people and want to serve. Training as needed.
Contact:  (Oaks) or  (Campus).

Greeter and Welcome Team (Campus, Oaks)
Greeters stand at the doors to provide a warm greeting to everyone who enters. Available to answer questions for guests; walk with first-time guest to Treasure Kingdom check-in areas or adult classes. As needed, they assist deacons in handing out programs. Contact:  (Oaks) or  (Campus).

Hospitality Team (Campus, Oaks)
Set the stage for the fellowship that takes place in He-Brews Café and Common Grounds on Sundays. Men and women serve food, make coffee and maintain a guest-friendly atmosphere in the coffee shop. Contact:  (Oaks) or  (Campus).