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The Chapel on the Campus
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Refuge College Service
Sundays: 7:37 pm

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Why Be a Conversation Partner?

At the end of his time on earth, Jesus gathered His disciples together on a mountain and proclaimed to them, “All authority on heaven and earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.” (Matthew ...


Where Did the Idea for "Carols" Come From?

Generally, the people of any given church have a calendar or rhythm that lines up with their personal schedules and the events happening in the culture. At The Chapel we are most aware of (1) school schedules, (2) football schedules, and (3) ...



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Apostolic Passion

What is "Apostolic Passion?" The term "passion" is used to describe everything from romance to hunger pangs. I don’t know what it means to you, but for me passion means whatever a person is willing to suffer for. In fact, that’s the ...

Mandate on the Mount

“And the angel answered and said to the women, ‘...Go quickly and tell His disciples that...’He is going before you into Galilee, there you will see Him.” —Matthew 28:5-7 “Go and take word to My brethren to leave ...

The Art of Marriage

Marriage Date Night The Art of Marriage Best Use  As a date night discussion guideNutritional Value  Helps husbands and wives discuss the purpose and challenges of marriage Advance Preparation Schedule a dinner or coffee date Each ...