Chapel Youth are 6th - 12th graders who are involved at the chapel

**We are currently offering in-person gatherings on Sunday mornings with limited capacity. RSVP is required. No Chapel Kids or Youth will meet during the month of August.**
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Sundays on YouTube

Each Sunday we're LIVE at 5pm with our weekend experience for 6th-12th grade. We have some fun, worship, and a word to further your faith in Jesus Christ. It's also "live", so you get to comment and engage as well!


Daily Instagram

Through our stories, live events and feed, we're coming to you daily with ways to keep you laughing and inspired throughout the week. Join us LIVE at 8pm for our HEAR journals each weekday. 


Parents - Stay in Touch

To help foster a thriving community for parents whose students are involved in the Chapel Youth Ministry, we created a Facebook group just for you. We want to strengthen communication between leaders and parents as well as between parents across both our locations. 

This is a group to ask questions, share stories, post pictures of things going on and have more meaningful dialogue between Sundays.

Join us by clicking HERE!

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Interested in serving in Youth Ministry?

We look for experience and enthusiasm for those wanting to help out with the Youth. Are you over 18? Then you have experience! If you have a desire to help, then you have enthusiasm! Contact Conner today to get involved.

You can help serve food at any of our environments and get a sneak peek at how things go. We use small group leaders with our Middle and High School groups. Throughout the year we have special events that require additional assistance. 

Please reach out to   to get connected.