Worship Audition

There are 4 steps in our audition process that help us find out more about you and help you know more about us:

  1. Application
    • Here is the link to the form which details our mission, your role, your information, and the time requirements. Let's Do It!
  2. Audition
    • Once you submit your application, Ben will contact you to arrange an audition time. He will communicate with you prior to the rehearsal about the song or songs for your audition. Usually we ask that you present 2 to 3 songs featuring your instrument or vocal ability (melody and harmony), but a detailed list of what will be required will be sent to you. I totally understand that auditions are, by nature, a little intimidating. We will try to make the process as relaxed as possible.
  3. Conversation
    • Let's grab coffee and talk about your story,The Chapel’s story and values, and where our worship team is headed. This is a great opportunity to ask any and all questions you might have.Send Ben an email at  with your availability to meet. 
  4. Expectations
    • Combining all of the above, let's talk about where we see your next steps. There are three possible results:
      1. You currently display the musical proficiency and heart of worship that we are looking for in a team member and we would like to have you as a part of the team as soon as possible. We will discuss the details of how you will serve on the team, communication procedures and any immediate schedule openings we have available.
      2. We believe you may have the potential to begin serving on the worship team in the future with more practice. Though we will not currently be able to offer you a spot on the team, we would like for you to consider a future audition after taking the time to practice your craft. One way to expedite this is to take private lessons. 
      3. We appreciate your preparation and willingness to serve, but we do not feel that the worship team is the best fit for your skills. Let’s explore other areas in which you could serve at The Chapel.
    • If it's on the team, we will have you sign our 10 commitments that you can find here: Our 10 Commitments


Our primary objective is not to enable musicians to use their gifts or find an outlet for showcasing their talents. It is to raise up a team of leaders who serve the church and witness to our world by enhancing the congregation’s experience of corporately worshiping God.

Being a part of The Chapel worship team is much more than showing up. It is much more than playing a few notes, singing a few songs, pushing a few buttons and going home. What we do effects the prayers, the spiritual focus, the attitude toward the church of hundreds of people. This is not intended to scare you way from the team, but simply to help you consider what it means to commit to this ministry.

As a member of The Chapel worship team, you are integrally important part of the gatherings in which you serve. The people who come to The Chapel view you as a spiritual leader, and rightly so. As a member of this team, you are a Worship Leader. As leaders it is important for us to uphold high standards. Your commitment to participate as a Worship Leader requires a high level of trustworthiness and respect in several senses. This includes general character and integrity as well as things like humility, punctuality and dependability.

We believe excellence matters to God. Each member of the worship team must be able to demonstrate an appropriate level of giftedness for the specific area in which he or she wishes to serve, but it cannot stop there. We should be committed to becoming the very best we can be at what we do. This is not to be confused with perfection, which is certainly not the expectation. Instead, this dedication to excellence entails being involved in regular practice and growth exercises on a personal and corporate level, and always being open to learning new things as the needs of the ministry change.

In every area of the church, the Gospel needs to be proclaimed and celebrated in a way that prepares people for all of life. Songs, speech and prayer function as the Worship Leader’s tools that teach the church about God and our relationship to Him. When we use these elements effectively, our worship overflows as a response to God in Christ through the Holy Spirit. The arts are wonderful gifts from God that have the ability to profoundly deepen the way people experience the Gospel message.

Our purpose as Worship Leaders is much wider than simply singing our personal songs to God as if we were in a bubble, and much deeper than simply executing a note-for-note performance. The biggest thing to understand in all of this is that

leading worship is a much different experience than being led in worship. When we are being led in worship, stage presence does not matter at all and our number one responsibility is to offer praise to God in spirit and in truth. But our number one responsibility when leading worship is to serve the congregation that has gathered in that moment. More specifically, it is to create and enhance the environment of worship for the congregation so that they can join us. We do this through focusing people’s attention on God through the gifts of the arts that God has bestowed on us (primarily music and technology). This is our sacrifice to the Lord; not just the execution of the production or the music, but stepping out of our comfort zones and onto a stage with the keen awareness that every move we make has the ability to draw people closer to (or push people farther from) knowing Jesus. Worshiping is about connecting with God, and when we lead worship, we connect with the body of Christ in a unique way. Let us do so with all we have and all we are. Jesus deserves nothing less.


Please click here to fill out the online form. 


On average, members serve 2 times a month. The time requirement for worship members is between 8 and 9 hours per week when scheduled for a weekend. This includes the following:

- Personal preparation time on your own (1-2 hours on average)
- Team rehearsal on Thursday nights from 7:00pm to 9:00pm (2 hours)- Sunday morning worship services from 7:00am to 12:00pm (5 hours)

If you are scheduled to serve on a Sunday, the expectation is that you attend the preceding mid-week rehearsal with punctuality and preparation.

We have two Sunday morning worship services which take place at 9:00 AM and 10:45 AM. Worship team members are required to be on site at 7:00 AM to get setup and dialed in, and ready to begin rehearsal at 7:15, which starts with prayer and is followed by a full run-though of the service. After the first set of the first service, we have breakfast prepared.