Welcome to The City

The Chapel has an intentional pathway to help you grow as a 3-C disciple—one who follows Jesus by CELEBRATING in worship, CONNECTING in community and CONTRIBUTING toward the mission of proclaiming Jesus.

One of the many ways to CONNECT  with others at The Chapel is through The City, an online interactive community. It is the best tool we have to communicate with our body, find community, share needs and help people engage on our mission. 

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City FAQs 

Why is The Chapel using The City? 

The Chapel serves families all over the Baton Rouge area, has five services on a Sunday, and two locations. One of the joys of this is that one will often find ministry happening through The Chapel body at most times of the week. At the same time, we can quickly become disconnected from one another. The City allows us to share our prayers, needs, ideas, events with one another in Baton Rouge and our members throughout the world. In essence, it keeps us small while allowing us to grow. 

Is this just another social network?

We love social networks and use them regularly. We know that The City is not a replacement to people's use of social media (unless somehow we get close to 1 billion people using it in the near future). However, most social media programs are about promoting the individual; The City is about the church and church community. It serves our body in a way other networks cannot. Are there similar features to other social networks? Absolutely. But The City is here to help enhance the community and leverage technology for mission.

I don't do Facebook or other networks, why should I use The City?

One of the main reasons is because The City helps us connect with our members year-round. It is the place to find community groups, service opportunities, and up-to-date information on The Chapel. The more connected you are to The Chapel, the more useful The City becomes for you.

Is The City safe?

Absolutely. Not only can any individual user choose who can and cannot see their information (and your email address is always hidden), but you have control over how often you recieve communication from The City (and this can be set per group). Not only that, but there are certain privacy settings that are in place for children ages thirteen to seventeen (in regard to with whom they are allowed to communicate). With The City, you control your information. 

How do I begin using The City?

The best way is by creating an account and signing in. If you need help with account creation, we have created a guide to help you work through the steps of setting up your account. We also have training videos so you can learn your way around.