Our Staff


Ben Heroman

Elder Chairmanmobile: (225) 336-3367

Kevin McKee

Senior Pastoroffice: (225) 387-4416

Danny Kennison

mobile: (225) 287-1699

Chris O'Neal

mobile: (225) 907-5525

David Sathiaraj

office: (225) 578-4364

Larry Spencer

mobile: (225) 769-2383

Andy Farris

Campus Site

Kevin McKee

Senior Pastoroffice: (225) 387-4416

Eric Allred

Executive Pastor

Rhonda Brewer

Executive Administrative Assistant

John Lee

Campus Connections Coordinator

Oaks Site & Community Life

Andrew Bates

Oaks Teaching/Site Pastoroffice: (225) 766-7000

Vick Green

Community Life Director

Sherry Fox

Women's Minister

Sharon Holeman

Community Life Administrator


Cheryl Humphrey

Accounting/Operations Director

Luanne Cotten

Accounting/Operations Assistant

Kristen Murphey

Accounting Staff

Worship and Communication

Ben Kennedy

Worship and Communication Director

Courtney Hamilton

Communication Manager

Clint Nicholson

Media Specialist

Aaron Street

Worship Minister

Family Life

Kay Wallace

Family Life Director

Janet Dearman

Family Life Administrator

Charlotte Smith

Kids Hope USA Director

Tammy McDowell

Campus Children's Minister

Jo Anne Street

Oaks Children's Minister

Conner Byrd

Student Ministry Director

Austin Wright

Assistant Ignite Minister

Steph Thornhill

Children's Administrative Assistant

Chela Smith

Playcare Director

Refuge College Ministry

Tyler Robertson

College Director

Maria Fournier

Assistant College Director

Leah Moore

College Administrator

Dylan Gilbert

Assistant College Administrator

Aaron Street

Worship Minister

Jessica Dowden

Common Grounds Manager

Lee Babst

Refuge Staff Apprentice

Timmy Campbell

Refuge Staff Apprentice

Ronald Lamarque

Refuge Staff Apprentice

Lindsey Lopez

Refuge Staff Apprentice

Timmy Lopez

Refuge Staff Apprentice

Courtney McConnell

Refuge Staff Apprentice

Global and Local Outreach

Steve Elworth

Global and Local Outreach Director

Jon Carr

International Outreach Minister

Elizabeth Hartzog

ESL Director


Craig Corie

Russell Davis

Matt Dearman

Dick Farmer

Matt Heinz

Paul Leinweber

Charlie Lott

Justin MacKay

Lawrence Maestri

Brady Meaux

mobile: (504) 416-9157

Tyler Miller

Ryan Spencer

Jeff Tessier

Paul West

John Wheeler

mobile: 225/266-1843