Current Series

"I AM"

The most important question we can ever ask, and answer, is "Who is Jesus?" Many people have answered this question throughout history. But who better to answer this question than Jesus in His own words? When Jesus tells us who He is, He also tells us who we are. In this series, we will walk through the seven "I Am" statements found in the book of John. 

HEROES: Hebrews 11

In this 9-week series we will walk through Hebrews 11, taking a look at everyday heroes who lived extraordinary lives. Each of these Old Testament heroes looked forward to the promise of the cross as the source of their faith. Similarly, we look back to the truth of the cross to find the source of our faith to move forward!

Asking for a Friend

In this 5-week series we will tackle some of the big questions that you (or a friend) might be asking. "Can I really believe the Bible?" "Is Jesus really God?" "If God is real, why is there pain and suffering?"

Famous Last Words

Last words matter. Some words bring closure, while others fall short and leave us questioning. Some words bring healing, while others cause deeper wounds. But no matter what is said, last words last. Jesus' last words didn't just last, they changed the world.

Blueprint: A Life Under Construction

God's design for all people is spiritual wholeness, and His Word lays out the plan for His work in our lives. In Blueprint: A Life Under Construction we'll walk through the book of James in 9 weeks. As we explore aspects of our lives from trials and temptations to living faithful lives of love and prayer, we'll see that God is constructing our lives into His spiritually whole design.


For many of us, a new year means a fresh start, a clean slate, an opportunity to look back over the past year and look ahead at a new year. In this series, as we embark on a new year at The Chapel, we will shift our focus back to the heart of the mission as we seek to help people meet, know and follow Jesus in our church, our community and our world.

Beautifully Broken

Journey with us through 5 Christmas stories this December. Much like the stories of our own families, we will navigate both the brokenness and beauty found in the lives of 5 women in Jesus' family lineage. We will see how God has a much bigger plan for their lives, and ours also, culminating in the hope and joy found on Christmas Day.


What if you could give away one thing that does not belong to you? What would you love to give away and to whom would you give it? During this 5-week sermon series we will explore together the foundations of generosity found in the Bible as well as the surprising results that flow from a generous heart...freedom, joy, faith, obedience and hope. 

Wisdom That Works

Each of us builds a life through the daily decisions we make. the Bible speaks of the choices of life that allow us to build wisely or foolishly. In this sermon series, we'll mine some clear and practical teachings of the Bible for wisdom that works in the day-to-day stuff of our lives. Proverbs offers real help for everyday life. God gave us these proverbs to help us develop the wisdom and discernment needed to build a healthy life.

Won't You Be My Neighbor

Why do we feel that when it comes to our neighbors, we either have to present the image of a perfect family…or put up a fence. Yet we value the people that know us best and still choose to love us. Jesus asks us—no strike that—commands us to love our neighbor as ourselves. And He gives us the plan: pray, invest, invite. Join us for a 4-week series you can feel awesome about inviting your neighbor.

God's Word

What’s in a name? What’s in a word? What if it’s God’s word we are talking about? There is not only the little 'w' God’s word that can create, and guide us, and help us, and reveals the attitudes of our heart. But there is the big 'W' Word of God, the Bible and the big 'W' God’s Word, which is Jesus.

Here’s the bottom line: God’s word and Word have real, everyday power. And when we stop to listen to him above the roaring noise of life, amazing things happen.