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    Addiction Issues

    10.01.15 | Strong Families

    Addressing Addiction in the Family With Kurt Bruner, The Center for Strong Families Does someone you love seem to be self-destructing in addictive behavior? Are you watching a spouse, son or daughter abandon everything that was once important...

    The Story of His Glory

    09.28.15 | Global Purpose | by Steven Hawthorne

    The Bible is basically a story about God. When we turn to the Bible as a self-help book, we end up bored or frustrated with what seems to be a rambling collection of stories. What if the Bible is more about God than it is about us? How thrilling...

    Financial Resources

    07.02.15 | Faith

    TRANSFORMATION RESOURCES Here are some helpful tools provided by people who have already been down the path to financial freedom. Check out some of the resources below. We will add other resources as we become aware of them. INVESTMENT...


      06.10.15 | Beliefs | by Kevin McKee

      Fasting is a spiritual discipline that helps us change our focus from our own wants and desires to God and his provision for us. It can serve to re-calibrate our cravings and desires and restore a healthy longing for God.

        Be The Man Who Is All In

        02.15.12 | Messages for Men | by Kevin McKee

        I thank those who came to our 2012 Men’s Conference: Awaken a Generation. For those of you who were not there, you were missed. Christ expects much from how men lead and set an example in all arenas of life: their church (1 Timothy...