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    Family Finances

    10.01.15 | Strong Families

    Your Family’s Finances With Kurt Bruner, The Center for Strong FamiliesThe Bible has a lot to say about money and much that is specifically of value for someone trying to be intentional about family relationships. A financial treadmill of...


      10.01.15 | Marriage

      Getting Ready for Marriage With Kurt Bruner, The Center for Strong FamiliesCongratulations on this wonderful milestone. Few seasons in life are filled with as much joy and anticipation as the time spent preparing to get married. You’ve...

        The Empty Nest

        10.01.15 | Marriage

        The Empty Nest Years With Kurt Bruner, The Center for Strong FamiliesAchieving the long-term goal of raising and then launching a child (or children) is one of those milestones in life that can lead to surprising emotions. One day you might feel...

          Discipline, With Young Children

          10.01.15 | Strong Families

          Disciplining Young ChildrenWith Kurt Bruner, Pastor of Spiritual FormationThe scriptures command parents to raise children in the training and instruction of the Lord. We begin “training” a child from a very young age by the ways we...

            A Difficult Teen

            10.01.15 | Strong Families

            Dealing with a Rebellious Teen With Kurt Bruner, The Center for Strong FamiliesThere is little in life that creates more anxiety than having a teenager who seems out of control. Experiencing emotional outbursts, being lied to, or staying up at...