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    10.01.15 | Date Night

    Marriage Date NightRefreshBest UseA date night discussion guideNutritional ValueHusbands and wives build each other up verbally.Advance Preparation Schedule a dinner or coffee date. Each spouse should spend a few minutes completing and...

      Love and Respect

      10.01.15 | Date Night

      Marriage Date Night Love and RespectBest Use  As a date night discussion guideNutritional Value  Helps husbands and wives become intentional about meeting their mate’s greatest needAdvance Preparation•  Schedule a...

        Living Together

        10.01.15 | Strong Families

        The Living Together Option With Kurt Bruner, Pastor of Spiritual FormationPrior to the 1970s it was rare for an unmarried man and woman to live together.  Today it is much more common, accepted as an important “next step” for...

          Introducing Your Child to Christ

          10.01.15 | Strong Families

          Introducing Your Child To Christ With Kurt Bruner, The Center for Strong FamiliesThe fact you’re reading this indicates you are concerned about your child’s faith. As you care for your child’s daily needs and work to prepare...

            Intentional Parenting

            10.01.15 | Strong Families

            Giving a Strong Spiritual Legacy With Kurt Bruner, The Center for Strong Families Every believing parent hopes his or her child will embrace the faith and grow deep spiritual roots. But studies tell us that over half of those growing up in...