Free ESL Classes

(Conversational English as a Second Language)

2017 sUMMER Schedule

Conversational Classes for Adults in a Scripture context
Free Nursery for Ages 0-5 years
Free Shuttle at Certain Locations
Citizenship Class
English through the Bible class
Kid’s Class for Elementary ages

Wednesday Evenings, 6:30-8:30 pm

Registration: Wednesday, MAY 31
Classes May 31 through July 19

Shuttle Schedule
Contact: Rick McDowell - 225.752.5420
Red Van
6:00  Edward Gay Apartments, at the stop sign on Aster
6:10  Canterbury Apartments, outside the front gate
6:15  Nicholson Apartments, at the bus stop

Contact: Miller Hartzog - 225.274.6518
White Van
6:10    El Cid I, II and III Apartments on Burbank
6:15    Tigerland Apartments, Circle K at Bob Pettit and Alvin Dark
6:20    Highland Plantation on Lee Drive, bus stop near WalMart

CONTACT   or CALL 225-387-1580, ext. 2106