SportQuest Baton Rouge

June 20-30, 2018

SportQuest Baton Rouge will host a 5-sport camp in Gardere for 150-200 youth ages 6-16 this summer. This will be our 7th year in action, and we are praying for many more years of fruitful sports ministry! Camp will be held at BREC Ben Burge Park at 9350 Antigua Drive, Baton Rouge, 70810.

There are lots of opportunities to serve. Link up with another family or friend. 


Camp Volunteers

We love to have volunteers serve during camp between 4:15 and 7 pm in multiple areas including:

  • Camp Set-up (4:15-5pm)
  • Registration (beginning at 4:15-5:30 pm) –Alongside volunteers, we are in special need of a registration director this summer! This involves directing the daily camp check-in process and making sure information is organized and stored.
  • Assist the SportQuest coaches with camp in football, soccer, dance, basketball, or softball (5 -7 pm)
  • Play-care Volunteer to serve with children ages 3-5, playing with them on the playground at the park during the camp so their older siblings can participate (4:30-7 pm)
  • Medical Station Volunteer--medical/emergency response background needed (This is for basic sports related injuries issues such as scraped knees and elbows, sprains, bee stings, making sure everyone stays hydrated, etc.) (5-7 pm)
  • Camp break-down including picking up chairs and tables, loading sports equipment, and emptying trash bins (6:45-7:15 pm)

This is a great opportunity for the WHOLE family to serve—adults, teens, and children ages 4+ are welcome (There are children’s activities for your kids while you serve!) Contact Danielle if you want to serve!

Sports Equipment

We accept gently used and new sports equipment so we can continue to build our resources and expand our ability to host sports activities throughout the year. Current needs include:

  • 10-15 indoor/outdoor basketballs
  • Flag belts (two colors, enough for two full teams)
  • 10 soccer balls (size 4-5)
  • A set of plastic bases (home plate, 1st, 2nd, 3rd base)
  • Lots and lots of cones (used for all sports!)
  • 50-60 practice pennies (used in soccer, basketball, and football)

Sign up to prepare a meal for the SportQuest coaching team, who comes from all over the United States to serve in Baton Rouge. Every year, coaches comment how much they enjoyed the food in Baton Rouge! (contact Wendy TerHarr.)

  • Be creative with meals! Some possible ideas: pastas (lasagna, spaghetti, etc.), Louisiana favorites (any and all things Cajun and Creole), sandwiches, salad bar, taco bar, easy catering (Canes, Chic fil A, Subway, etc.)
Host Families

Would you like the opportunity to develop a relationship with the SportQuest coaching team, meeting some of the short-term missionaries and listening to their stories?

SportQuest is looking for host families to invite 4-5 team members to their home one afternoon for lunch and a shower and a short time of rest and fellowship. The hosting period will be Wednesday, June 24 from 12:30-5 pm. You will pick up your small group from The Chapel in the Oaks, take them to your home, and then bring them back to The Chapel in the Oaks. Contact Wendy TerHarr.

Financial Donations

Would you like to donate money to be put towards scholarships for mission trip team members, prizes for campers, extra food or equipment needs, and other miscellaneous project needs?

You can donate to SportQuest through the Giving link on the City! Contact Danielle for more information on giving.