The Bible tells us that we're never more like Jesus than when we give, serve and share. The success of all our ministries at The Chapel is a direct result of our willingness to partner with God through our giving.  Thank you for helping us be on mission with Jesus.

Online Giving

Online giving on The City is possible either by direct debit of your checking account or through your credit card. The Chapel encourages online giving via direct debit as it helps reduce administrative fees associated with online giving. However, if you do give with a credit card we encourage you only to use it if you pay off your balance each month.

Using The City for one-time or recurring donations is easy. Follow the directions to give online.

Set Up Online Giving

Mailing Contributions

If you would like to mail your contribution to The Chapel then do so at the below address:

The Chapel

ATTN: Cheryl Humphrey

3355 Dalrymple Drive

Baton Rouge, LA 70802