We encourage all of those who are part of our Chapel family to give not out of obligation but out of worship. Because our giving is based solely upon Christ's work on the cross, we want people to give cheerfully (2 Corinthians 9:7), sacrificially, (Proverbs 3:9), and in alignment with God's purpose and intention (Matthew 25:14-30) because it reflects Christ's person and work. In addition to the weekly offering taken at our worship service, there are several ways to give at The Chapel.

Online Giving

Online giving on The City is possible either by direct debit of your checking account or through your credit card. The Chapel encourages online giving via direct debit as it helps reduce administrative fees associated with online giving. However, if you do give with a credit card we encourage you only to use it if you pay off your balance each month.

Using The City for one-time or recurring donations is easy. Follow the directions to give online.

Set Up Online Giving


The City is implementing a proactive security upgrade that began this week. It directly affects all online donations. Don’t worry, there has not been any issue with the security of your sensitive account data. The City is just making some processing changes to ensure we have continued security.

In order for The Chapel and our missionaries to continue receiving your support through online contributions, you must take a few simple steps.  This should only take a couple minutes!

Re-enter your account information into CityPay:

1.  Login to your City account via the following link:

  • Forgot your password or login? Links to reset both will appear after an incorrect submission!
  • If you continue to have trouble logging in, please contact and we will send you your login and email.

2.  In the online Giving section of The City, click the Accounts tab. 

3.  Click +Add an Account. 

4.  Enter your account information and click Submit New Payment Method.  At that point you are set up to make new one-time or recurring donations.

If you already have a current recurring donation running, please continue with these additional steps:

5.  Click the Donation Status tab.

6.  Click the pen icon next to the donation that needs your authorization.

7.  Select your account from the drop-down menu. 

8.  Click Authorize. 

The City will give you simple prompts that will walk you through this process once you’re in your account, so these instructions are more of a reference guide.

Here is a great video highlighting the process, a must see if you prefer visual instructions:

Mailing Contributions

If you would like to mail your contribution to The Chapel then do so at the below address:

The Chapel

ATTN: Erin Mayer

3355 Dalrymple Drive

Baton Rouge, LA 70802 

Transfer of Stocks

Some may choose to donate stock to The Chapel as it is often a good way to give to a not-for-profit while not paying taxes, allowing much more of your gift to go straight to the church. If you would like to consider giving this way, we first encourage you to check with your financial advisor as to the tax benefits for your situation and then contact Jerry Goss as 225-928-2900. 

Once you have authorized your broker to make a stock transfer to The Chapel, please notify Tommy Ray or Erin Mayer in our church financial office so your donation can properly be attributed to you.