Flood Relief

Flood Relief Workday
Saturday, October 8, 8 am - 4 pm
Sanctuary, Chapel in the Oaks

Here is an opportunity for the Body of Christ to help those in need.

Show up at the Oaks Sanctuary at 8 AM and you will be directed to homes where  there are needs related to the flood and recovery efforts. Plan to work the entire day. 

For information, contact .


Our church staff has continued with our efforts to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs in our church family and the community this past week. This devastation and the awareness that recovery will be measured in months (or maybe years) not days has caused the Elders and staff to re-evaluate Chapel ministry programs for fall. We want to focus our energy and efforts on those things that will produce long term hope and healing for this community.

While we have focused on the needs of local families, we have not forgotten the many people who have just arrived in Baton Rouge from other countries. Although they have not suffered the devastation of residents, they are trying to get established in a community that is in turmoil. We want to give them the welcome they need as they begin to call Baton Rouge home. 


Due to increased safety precautions, we believe Samaritan's Purse is in a better position than The Chapel is to analyze needs and attack them. Currently there are 1100 hundred homes on their list of houses to 'muck out' and disinfect. They are averaging 150 volunteers a day but could use as many as 300 people per day.

Their base of operation is at Greenwell Springs Baptist Church (19421 Greenwell Springs Road). They provide training at 7:30 am and 12:30 pm every day, sending out teams at 8 am and 1 pm. You only have to go through the training once.


If you still need help removing wet materials from your home, contact Samaritan's Purse. They require the homeowner to contact them directly by calling 985-402-4350 to ask for assistance.


The most effective church distribution centers are the ones located in communities closest to the largest areas of flooding. Greenwell Springs Baptist Church, located at 19421 Greenwell Springs Road, is a great place to bring donations. They are collecting

  • Cleaning supplies, brooms and mops
  • Canned food
  • Packaged food for children (Goldfish and other snacks)
  • Gatorade and water

If you know of distribution centers in Ascension Parish, Zachary, Central or other areas, please email . We would like to post information about those as well.


Everyone wants to help! And so many people need help. In our effort to connect people who need help with those who want to offer it, we are going 'old school.' A needs board will be posted near the information kiosk at each location. Here is how it works.

  • If you have a need, use the 'I Need Help' card. Write your need and provide details. Sign and give your contact information. Then clip it to the board.
  • If you want to help, use the 'I Can Help' card. Write what you are volunteering to do, i.e. laundry, errands, child care, pet sitting, etc.
  • To participate, pick up a card and contact the person who needs help or is offering help. 
  • If you pick up a card, please make sure to follow through. We are not keeping a record of these requests or offers. 

Assisting individual families has taken most of our time and energy this week. The list of almost 100 families we are assisting directly includes members of the church, family and friends of members and families we know because of our community partnerships with Wildwood elementary School and New Beginning Church in the Glen Oaks area.

Every person on the list is being called regularly in order to assess their current level of need and to assure them of our ongoing love and support. Many of the people who have received help, are now asking how they can help others in return.


We are continuing to receive funds. The money received has been used to purchase clean up supplies and materials and to meet needs for our families. If you want to give or share giving information with your friends, this is how to do it.

  • TEXT: 225-372-7277. Include the word 'relief' following the donation amount. 
  • ONLINE: Click here and select 'Disaster Relief Fund' in the drop down box.
  • MAIL: Send checks to The Chapel at 3355 Dalrymple Dr., Baton Rouge, LA 70802. Write 'flood relief' in the memo.

The Oaks location has become the residence of choice for first responders from several organizations coming to Baton Rouge to assist with flood victims. The staff has enjoyed getting to know AmeriCorps team members and Red Cross volunteers. In addition to giving them room to set up cots, we offer a morning devotional time, a place to relax in the HeBrews coffee shop and lots of snacks.


  • Bringing donations of pre-packaged snacks, water and beverages to Luanne at the Oaks.
  • Praying for these men and women who have come to serve in our community. Many are believers who are committed to being salt and light to those who have lost so much.
Workday Report

30 homes made contractor ready last Saturday!
300 people deployed last Saturday!
50 homes sufficiently worked on throughout the week!
Estimated 500 different people deployed from Oaks last week!

Storm Stories

The storm was great. Our God is greater. Read on to see some of the ways God is working. 

It seems that everyone has a flood story. We would like to hear yours, particularly when God gets the glory. Click the link below and give a short story of how you have seen God working.



other ways to be involved

Some ideas are worth sharing, so we pass these along. Many in our church family are finding ways to help others directly. 

  • Make a meal and take it to someone whose home flooded. They will appreciate hot food.
  • Pick up a families' laundry to wash, dry fold and return.
  • Post items you want to donate to families on The City. Items for infants and clothes for children are some of the things in high demand.

The flood is a catastrophic event that takes an emotional as well as a physical toll. We won't be able to get to every need, but at least we can pray.  Let us know how.