Mother to Mother

Mother to Mother

January 18, 2018

Location: Chapel on the Campus, 3355 Dalrymple Drive, Baton Rouge, LA US 70802

themotherplan: intentionally fulfilling your calling to motherhood

A 13 week study by adria heroman

January 18-April 19 

At the end of a normal busy day, can you look back and say that you were intentional in your mothering? Have you ever explored what the Lord is communicating to you through the Bible in your role as a mother? Or spent time on your knees not crying out for help or a fix, but for true direction and wisdom in how to mother your children in a way that brings Him glory? Do you pray and give as much time and attention to your children and your responsibility as a mom as you do to your outside career, friends or service projects?

Our responsibility in parenting is not to raise a perfect child, but rather to parent in a way that honors Christ to the best of our ability as we abide in Him, and He works through us. In theMOTHERplan, you will have an opportunity to seek God and His Word for direction and guidance as you become more intentional about becoming a mother that glorifies God in all that you do.

The book is $10 and can be paid for when you register. You can pick up your book on the first day of the study. Childcare is available by


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