April 18, 2018

Location: Chapel in the Oaks, 9611 Siegen Ln, Baton Rouge, LA US 70810

Chronological Discipleship Bible Study

January 17 through April 25


We would never read a book in the same way that we study the Bible.  We often read the middle, then a portion toward the end and then back to the beginning.  The Chronological Discipleship Bible Study is a study that will take you from the beginning of God’s story sequentially to the end. This semester will begin in the Old Testament and take you through the New Testament--giving you the BIG picture. Each era contains an overview of women's issues and the worldview found in that particular era. This method allows the reader "to see a number of truths that, like pulled threads in a garment, weave their way throughout all the eras and tie the eras together."

Missed last semester? You can join us in Part 2 and pick up Part 1 next time! You can get your book at the first meeting. The cost is $12.   


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