What is a Disciple?

Let’s look at Jesus’ invitation to his disciples about what it meant to follow him. “And Jesus said to them, ‘Come and follow me and I will make you fishers of men” (Matthew 4:19). There are three aspects to Jesus command that are necessary for a disciple’s relationship with God:

  • A disciple is someone who is following Jesus. When the disciples respond to Jesus command, “Come and Follow me,” they acknowledge Jesus as their authority. A disciple knows with his head who he or she is following and why.
  • A disciple is someone who is being changed by Jesus. When Jesus says, “I will make you,” it shows that Christ is the one who transforms our heart so that what we believe impacts how we live.
  • A disciple is someone who is proclaiming Jesus. When Jesus uses the phrase, “fishers of men,” he is giving his disciples their purpose, which is to commit their hands to the work of Christ’s salvific work.

A disciple is someone who is following Jesus (head), being changed by Jesus (heart), and proclaiming Jesus (hands).



How do I pursue discipleship?

We believe that the best environment for discipleship to occur is in a small group of 3-5 believers who are committed to growing in Christ’s likeness in his or her head, heart, and hands. Each discipleship group is unique. You may have more of a mentor-mentoree(s) relationship or you may be peers who are learning from one another’s strengths. Regardless of the dynamic, we would encourage everyone to be in a group.

To start a discipleship group, we would encourage you to do three things:

  • Identify fellow believers in your life that you want to grow together with.
  • Invite them to join you as you grow in Christ’s likeness in your head, heart, and hands.
  • Invest in each other’s lives by meeting regularly for in-depth Bible study and accountability.

 IDENTIFY               INVITE               INVEST