Mission and Vision

proclaiming Jesus wherever he leads us

The Chapel must be a church of grace-filled people empowered by the Holy Spirit to make disciples and multiply disciple-making communities to bring about home, campus, community and world transformation. 

Vision 2020

We will focus on five objectives and seven goals as we seek to become a church of people who proclaim Jesus wherever he leads us.

Five Guiding Objectives

1. Be a church that prays.
2. Be a church that prepares people for ministry.
3. Be a church that promotes service in our community.
4. Be a church that plants churches.
5. Be a church that pays off all financial debt.

Seven Goals to fulfill the mission

1. We will align all our ministries to reflect our objectives.
2. We will increasingly make prayer a priority in all we do.
3. We will serve our city with more frequency and intentionality.
4. We will expand the responsibility of deacons to serve the church.
5. We will start a ministry training school. 
6. We will plant churches by the end of 2020.  (We are currently praying and pursuing options in how God will allow The Chapel to engage in church planting.)
7. We will retire our debt by the end of 2020, or before. (We're still on track to pay off our mortgage debt through the generosity of those who call The Chapel their church home.)

We will continue to give of ourselves and our resources to these endeavors, believing Jesus will build his church and expand his kingdom around the world.  We trust God to do more than we can imagine! We invite you to join us.