Great Storm Greater God Stories

Simply Un-Edited Flood Stories from the Staff


A shout out to everyone who has been "boots on the ground!"  As I called campus families today that were flooded to check on them, they consistently praised the work already done- and one man said,"I'm so proud of The Chapel and so thankful to be a part of this body!"  GREAT job guys! Being loved by the body of Christ changes people forever. 


Two students from the Middle East came to help. They pulled Jim and Cindy aside toward the end of the day and were asking them why people would all show up to help. They hadn't seen anything like it. Jim and Cindy told them it was because of Jesus, and they said "if that is what the message that you believe causes people to do, we need to learn more about this message!" People are seeing the body of Christ in action and are being drawn to it!

Jo Anne

I've had the wonderful opportunity to visit with many of the Red Cross volunteers who are staying at The Oaks this week while serving our community.  Several of them are beginning to feel a bit like family!  Here is a list of some of the more notable comments I've heard during our conversations.
TOP 10 Red Cross Volunteer COMMENTS (in no particular order)

  1. “Thank you for opening your church to us.”
  2. “Is it always this hot?”
  3. “Someone who lost everything tried to feed me today.”
  4. “Are you guys always so nice?”
  5. “Your church rocks!”
  6. “You’ve got it goin’ on here!”
  7. “I’m looking for a spiritual counselor.” (And just then Kevin walked by!)
  8. “Would you pray with me?”
  9. “I’m Jewish and I’ve been to three churches today.  Think God is trying to say something?” 
  10. “I’m here because I love the people of Louisiana and how they’re always reaching out to help others!”

One Chapel member expressed on the phone with me yesterday how her husband has been in Ascension and EBR for days helping out. She cannot get out to help since they live across the river and has a house full of kids, but she came up with a way to help by coordinating a group of ladies to cook large pots of beans and rice, salads and rolls to bring to houses where people are cleaning up. In all of this Jesus is evident by the way we reflect His light and His love for people. Just as the tee shirt said -  be salty, live brightly.


What a blessing it was for us to have a Refuge team show up to help at Tommy's parents' house today. In a little over 4 hours, the sheetrock, insulation and flooring was removed so that now the house can dry. We are so thankful! Now Tommy and I are free to help others tomorrow!

Jo Anne 

A cool response to a specific prayer...Yesterday, a lady from out of town stopped by the Oaks because she saw all the cars & Red Cross trucks in the parking lot. She thought we were a shelter taking supplies and had a piece of medical equipment that would be very helpful to someone. Long story, but she had tried several places and no one could take it, including us. We directed her to the Red Cross office off of Airline, but I told her to stop at St. George on her way down Siegen. I prayed that the Lord would direct her steps to a place where this equipment was needed. About 20 minutes later she stopped back in at the Oaks to let us know that as she walked in to the office at St. George and told them what she had, they stopped a person they were just sending out the door to try to buy that exact item! God is good and His timing is perfect.